A home for everyone? Property ownership has been about status and wealth since our convict days

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. A house and land on the River Derwent, Tasmania, 1822. National Library of AustraliaImogen Wegman, University of Tasmania While Australia has an egalitarian mythology, where everyone has a chance, the roots of problems with access to housing lie in our history. The first... Continue Reading →

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Public talk: Profitable and Unprofitable Acres

Feature Image: Landscape with farm building, John Glover, c. 1835. NLA. This week I was invited to speak in the Tasmanian Historical Research Association's series of monthly talks, and ended up as the first speaker for the year. I spoke on colonial land granting practices, and focussed especially on the significance of waterways. The talk... Continue Reading →

Maps for family history

In good historical research, there aren't any shortcuts. Anyone who works in an archive will have endless tales of people coming in and asking for the 'file' on their ancestor 'John David Jones'. They'll also have a mental photo album of the faces people pull when they see that the document they asked to see... Continue Reading →

Different times, different worlds

Next week I'm running a short workshop as part of the university's school open days, looking at setting up a colony. There will be First Fleet Bingo and an activity looking at what we prioritise in the world around us. This post is written as part of preparation, as I work through the activities.  ... Continue Reading →

Back to Earth

Do you ever look at the ground beneath your feet, in a built up suburban area, and ask 'why was this spot chosen?' How much attention do you pay to the soil in your garden compared to the soil in your favourite national park, or your rural weekend getaway? For the vast majority of us,... Continue Reading →

Part of my research time is spent looking through colonial surveyors' journals and logbooks, for clues about landscape details. Sometimes they're digitised, so I can peruse with a cuppa and biscuit, in the comfort of my office. Other times they're in the archives, where cups of tea are less welcome. I always enjoy their eclectic... Continue Reading →

New Knowledge

I am now on the research/networking/meeting/training circuit, this week in Lancaster for a summer school. But more of that in a moment. I spent last week in Sydney at the Australian Historical Association conference. I gave a paper that was well received, but more importantly I heard a great number of interesting talks and met... Continue Reading →

Australian Historical Association program 2015

Over the coming week I'll be starting to tweet with the hastag OzHA2015, as I attend the Australian Historical Association Conference in Sydney. The program looks amazing, with five days completely packed with speakers covering topics from 'Working/Housewife: Diverging Womaness" (Shirley Daborn, Tuesday 11:30) to "'Us colonials through German eyes': Convict transportation and the Nazi... Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Land Grants – a Story Map

You may have heard me discuss my StoryMap recently and want a closer look. The link is http://arcg.is/1RIwnNB I've been very busy over the last few weeks, pulling together a paper for the Australian Historical Association conference in July and having quite a lot of fun learning how to use Esri's Story Map application. I use... Continue Reading →

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